Danville Friends Church exists to worship and glorify God and to serve the people of this community.

  • We believe that God is love and that He wants to communicate with everyone who is willing.
  • We believe that God revealed Himself completely through His Son Jesus Christ, and that He offers grace & forgiveness to all who profess faith in Him as Savior.

Our Mission

United in the family of God through Jesus Christ and assured through Scripture, the mission of Danville Friends Church is to worship, teach, pray, fellowship, and witness as we share the joys and burdens of those around us.

Our History

Danville Friends Church was established in 1876. In 1994, the church moved into its current location.

In 2016, Danville Friends Church will be celebrate its 140th year of serving God in this community.


What is a "Friends" church?

A: The Friends Church is a group of Christians who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ (also known as Quaker). The Friends Church had its beginnings in England, more than 300 years ago. Today Friends are scattered across the world. The name "Friends" is taken from the words of Jesus: "You are my friends if you do what I command you."  John 15:14.

Does Danville Friends Church fall under a church denomination?

A: Danville Friends Church is a member of Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends. This is an association of Friends Churches with churches in the eastern part of Indiana and a few churches in Ohio and Michigan. IYM headquarters is in Muncie, Indiana.

What does it mean to be a Quaker?

A: To be a Quaker simply means that you are a member of a Friends Church. The nickname Quaker was given to the Friends movement in the 17th century because some of the members were observed to visibly shake in the presence of God during their times of worship.

 What about baptism and communion?

A: Danville Friends Church does not practice water baptism or the ritual of communion in our worship services. We believe that the essential baptism is the baptism with the Holy Spirit. We observe a time of silence during our worship service to enable each individual worship to have communion with God through the Holy Spirit.